Make sure your clients (and everybody else) knows who made your interactive floor plans. Add your logo with a click through to your site to every iFloorPlan you make and include your domain in the link you send to your clients.

And you can add your client’s branding too. Create your library of logos, links and contact details so you can quickly include your client's branding.


Use our default template or drag and drop elements to create your own unique layout. Add a little colour to the frame, text or background and save it as a template.

Up to 6 floor plans with 20 images per floor plan. That’s 120 images. Add levels, other buildings, site plans or a map of the locality

Embed videos, panos and 360 tours

Seamless integration

Designed to work with your business. Delivering your iFloorPlans to your clients is as simple as it can be. Your iFloorPlans are hosted on our servers and served through our CDN.

You only need to send your clients a link that they can then use in the property listing.

Easy to make

A friendly user interface that requires no training and no downloads.

Creating a great looking, information packed virtual tour of any property, is an intuitive, step by step process.

All you'll need is a floor plan and some images.

If you run into an issue, we are here to help. Just get in contact

Ever lasting

Once created, your iFloorPlans last forever. It is free to republish an iFloorPlan for another 365 days.

So if you have properties for rent like holiday houses or AirBnB aprtments you can keep your iFloorPan live forever.

You can update your iFloorPlan at any time.

Device friendly

Looks and feels great on any device. Smart phones, tablets and desktop computers are supported. iFloorPlans scale perfectly to any screen size and resolution.


A single iFloorPlan can display without branding too. It can hide your client's branding, your branding or hide both.

So it is easy to cater for different clients, different web site rules and different purposes.

To make this happen you can easily select your option from the branding menu.

Fast loading

A fast loading virtual tour of any property grabs the attention. iFloorPlan downloads images in the background while a viewer is engaging with the first couple of images. This makes a very smooth and pleasant viewing for the end user.


This is a product you can make your own. And sell to your clients with your brand on it.

Brand it, colour it, incorporate your client's brand. Deliver it with your domain in the link. Add value to what you do, or create a whole new business for yourself.


For the end user, the prospective property buyer or leaser, an iFloorPlan is an intuitive, easy to use trove of information. The images start to cycle and the arrows on the floor plan change to red indicating where the image was taken from. Then they can start to interact with it, or not.


Just the fact that pictures and floor plans are on the same page, yields a lot more information. Whether the end user interacts with the iFloorPlan or not, they are moving through the property with the floor plan as a guide to what part of the property they are looking at.


iFloorPlan is dedicated to evolving the world of real estate. This site allows you to offer an incredible product at a reasonable price and be part of the evoluion of the marketing of real estate. We think pictures and floor plans need to be on the same page. Like Google Maps, but inside the property.

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