Our philosophy is simply to show what a property has to offer by combining all available visual information into one easy to use interactive tour.

Most properties for sale or lease already have images ready for marketing. Most properties have (or should have) a floor plan too. iFloorPlan simply combines these basic marketing tools.

A floor plan is a map. Maps have never been as utilised as they are today. While you won't need GPS navigation inside the house, if you're thinking of buying or leasing property, a map of the place is pretty handy.

A photograph says a lot of things - (A thousand words?). But a caption, a few words, lends any image an authority it doesn't have alone. Understanding where the image was taken from, visually captions the image. The Image becomes more powerful, packed with information. Given a context, any image becomes more interesting.

So iFloorPlans get property moving by presenting the whole picture. Important, contextual, visual information in an accessible, interactive and comfortable space. For buyers, iFloorPlan it is like Google Street View but indoors, under the roof. It displays visual references to layout, decoration, scale and ambience. i

FloorPlan's flexibility makes it easy to build a picture of the property that's takes in just what you want to show off. Your images take on new powers and floor plans come to life.

All properties for sale or lease can be enhanced with an iFloorPlan as part of the marketing campaign. Our ambition is to make every property on the market viewable through iFloorPlan and save everybody time, vendor, agent and buyer.