iFloorPlan is a great idea put into practice.

iFloorPlan is online software for creating and publishing interactive floor plans for the marketing of real estate on the internet.

An interactive floor plan of a property for sale or lease creates a sense of “being there” for the viewer. By combining the floor plan and photos of the property, viewers can see where each photo is taken from and which way the camera was pointing. 

iFloorPlan is designed for real estate people ­– photographers, floor planners, and real estate agents –  to quickly and easily create interactive floor plans and publish them online, to all devices, IOS and Android

iFloorPlan software is easy to use. A step by step process has your photos and floor plans converted into an interactive floor plan in minutes.

Upload up to 6 floor plan images, link up to 20 photos per plan. Each plan could be a house level or a separate building, a site map, or area map.

Add real estate agency logos, links and contact information. You can add your own branding too.

Get creative with templates. Rearrange the default layout, add color and save it as a template. Save your designs for different clients and/or floor plan shapes.

Whatever you do in real estate, iFloorPlan adds value to your business. iFloorPlan delivers rich visual information, engaging the viewer for longer, allowing interaction with the property you’re marketing. And it can have your name on it.

Sign up at no cost, and check us out with 2 credits allowing you to create and publish 2 iFloorPlans free.