This is the process:

All you need is a floorplan and some photographs. Floor plans should be about the size of a brochure. Images should be about 1600 pixels wide and low resolution.

  1. Click the New tab.
  2. Upload your floor plan. Then you scale it and position it. Then upload your images associated with the floor plan
  3. An arrow for the first image appears. Position it, point it and click Next to repeat for each image.
  4. Add the physical address of the property, so that Google Maps can find it and Preview your iFloorPlan
  5. Publish if you are ready.


Go back, and click on Toolbox, the blue button! You can:

  • Add your client's logo, (First, use Clients tab to create a client library).
  • Add more floor plans, for other property levels, site plans or locality map.
  • Add, rearrange or delete images with the Image organizer.
  • Replace or reposition the floor plan.
  • Add external media like YouTube and Vimeo, or panoramas.
  • Add text information.
  • Move everything around to create your own layout.
  • Add colour to borders, background and text.
  • Save current design as a Template.
  • Save current design as default.

The other tabs on your Dashboard


Buy publishing credits here. Purchase when you need them. Purchase credits in a range of packages. iFloorPlan payments by PayPal. Credit cards welcome.


Each iFloorPlan you create is listed here. You can view, edit, share, copy embed code, see info for each iFloorPlan. You can edit published iFloorPlans at any stage.


Set up your client library where you can save logos and contact details for each of your clients. They are then easily added to your iFloorPlans.


Set up your branding. Upload your logo, scale it and position it and add a click through to your web site. Your logo then automatically appears on all of your iFloorPlans.


Saved templates can be renamed or deleted.


Edit or view your account preferences

User guide

A more detailed guide to using all of iFloorPlan's features.